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What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup, also known as online backup, offsite data backup or remote backup, is a method of safeguarding your valuable business data from loss. All files, folders, emails, databases, virtual machines and the contents of an entire hard drive can be regularly and safely uploaded via an internet connection,​ to a remote and highly secure storage facility.



Why Datahive™ Cloud Backup


Datahive™ online backup is a mature service which has provided reliable backups to business for over 10 years. All users of the service feel safe in the knowledge that their data is always available, close at hand and managed by a experienced cloud backup provider.

Data housed in the US Data Centres never leaves United states, Data stored in UK data centres never leaves the UK  shores. We give our customers peace of mind world wide as you can confidently comply with industry regulatory data requirements.​

Security is at the heart of the Datahive™ backup service. All data is encrypted using military standards whether in flight or at rest and replicated across multiple ISO 27001 certified data centres.

To further enhance confidence in the Datahive™ service, it is backed by service level agreements which boast a money back guarantee should the service fail to meet the published levels of availability and support response.




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Fully featured cloud backup


  • Secure

    Datahive™ enforces 256bit AES encryption to all data in flight and at rest. This encryption is always maintained  until the unique account de-cryption key is applied.

  • US & UK Data Centres

    All data is backed up to state of the art award winning
    US & UK data centres. Their ISO 27001 accreditation means the maximum security for your business critical data.

  • Unlimited Backup & Restore

    Included within all Datahive™ plans is the ability to perform unlimited backups and crucially restores which means you never receive unbudgeted costs.

  • Cloud to Cloud Backup

    Datahive™ also includes features to backup Microsoft O365 Online Mailboxes, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive / Google Cloud Storage & Dropbox just to name a few.


  • Initial Seed Load Service

    To ensure a usable backup is available in the shortest possible time your data can be transferred from a seed loaded drive directly into the Datahive™ cloud storage.

  • Unlimited Support

    All Datahive™ plans include unlimited email & telephone support which means you can rely on expert help and knowledge without the fear of additional fees.

  • Scalable

    All Datahive™ plans are infinitely scalable. Storage can be increased in seconds meaning your backups continue uninterrupted as your data requirement grows.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    All Datahive™ plans are supported by a money back guarantee, which means if the service fails to deliver published standards you are entitled to a refund.

  • Virtual Machines & Spin up

    Datahive™ can backup your Hyper-V & VMware virtual machines to our cloud storage, whilst also offering the ability, within minutes, to spin up an instance locally.

  • Disaster Recovery

    If you have a complete data loss we are close at hand to deliver in double quick time a seeded drive with all of the replacement data to a location of your choice.


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