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How will the upgrade affect you?


Other than receiving the great new features, there are a few other changes that should be mentioned when your account is upgraded:

  • ACB clients can only be installed on non-server grade Windows platforms.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Microsoft SQL 2000 are no longer supported in the latest Datahive client.
  • Backup report emails will change:
    • Backup reports will no longer be received from They will now be sent from the address
    • Backup reports will be sent in a new, updated format.
  • New client layout

 old vs new Datahive layout

The Upgrade Process from Datahive Version 6

Check for healthy data

We ensure that the customer's data has recent successful backups that are in good health

Step 1

Step 2

Copy the data

A copy of the data is synced to the latest CBS back-end. The original data is kept until a week of successful backups are completed on the new client.

Verify the data

Verification is completed against the new data by running an incremental backup.

Step 3

Step 4

Re-build the data

The v6 client is auto updated to the latest version of Datahive and the data is re-built into the new, more resilient, format.

Verify the data again!

The data is then verified again by running another incremental backup (SQL and Exchange FULL backups are run to ensure consistency)

Step 5

Step 6


We monitor the backup to ensure all jobs are successful post-migration.


Enjoy the improvements and added functionality of the latest Datahive client!

Step 7

Any Questions?

Contact support on or call 0845 2581 500
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